Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Long Road Back Begins

I'm retired now, at least for the summer, so I should have time to get back into ultra-distance shape. It is going to take some time. Right now I am13 pounds heavier than I was at this time in 2008 when I was getting ready for the southern transcontinental in September. I am also about 25% less strong.

First week in May was a good start. Began to do some tempos and climbs with one long ride Sunday. Also mixing in some running (ha, slow jogging) and lots more weight training.

Total workout: 11:45 minutes, 118 miles cycled, 3450 Kcal cycling, 3000 feet of climbs, and 8 miles ran.

Want to acknowledge Seith Regenold and Steve Mosakowski. Seith ran a 3:03 and Steve a 3:13 marathon in Vancouver last weekend to qualify for Boston. Steve had qualified earlier but I think this was his best time by about 5 minutes. Way to go!

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