Sunday, May 16, 2010

Routine Week

It rained a lot this week but I still hit my training goals. Did a day of tempos and the power is returning. Only ran one day and that was on a treadmill--rain. Sunday was a great day with sun and in the 60's. My long ride was 72 miles and I held greater than 17mph for the entire ride. Climbed about 1600 feet so this was my flat ride. No wind.

Next week I will increase the time, total mileage and long ride time by at least 10% and get two days of tempo's in (3x10).

Total for the week 152 cycling miles, 4160 cycling KCal, and 11 hours of workouts.

Today is the first day of the Elite PAC ride. It is unbelievable what these riders are doing. 3000 miles in 19 days from San Diego to Williamsburg VA. Follow along.

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