Monday, May 24, 2010

This was what it looked like off my front porch two weeks ago in Boulder CO. The weather here is always dynamic in the spring. Saturday, May 22, the wind was steady at 20mph gusting to 40 mph. I don't ride in wind like that if I won't be left behind.

Left Hand Canyon in Early May

Streams are Up

But earlier in the week it began to warm up and green up and the riding weather has been improving quickly.

Sunday was long-ride day and per plan I increased the distance another 10-15% to 85 miles with 2600 feet of climbs. The wind was against me the last forty miles so I was quite tried when I finished. 85 miles was the right amount. Next week I will push the distance and difficult of the ride. I don't know if I will increase the distance but I will definitely increase the amount of climbs. I also rode the first fifty miles without pushing the pace--expecting the last forty miles to be hard. If the winds are favorable, I will push the pace somewhat.

Continental Divide

Also will increase the number of tempo rides and climbs during the week trying to increase everything 10-15% . I am not so focused on total miles during the week but on the total amount of training stress (TSS) and calories burned. Those I have been increasing 10-15% a week over the last three weeks.
So, overall, I am on the LONG road to returning to ultra-distance shape allbeit I can still see the starting line.
Weekly totals: 167 miles (10 running), 14 hours of exercise, 5036 KCal cycling.

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