Sunday, June 27, 2010

June Summary with Three Days to Go

June has been a big training month with most of the concentration on endurance. It may have been too big a month. More on that later.

Saturday I rode most of the MS Ride (110 miles of it). The route passes near my house and I had obligations Saturday night, no place to stay in Ft. Collins Saturday night, and no real desire to be in a hotel on a Saturday night alone. So I headed out early (6:15am) taking it easy--it would be a long day.

The weather was excellent. Little wind. Not too hot (in the upper 80's). And a little overcast most of the time which kept the strong Colorado sun off me. At about mile 80 it started to storm and I alternatively got soaked and then baked as the thundershowers moved by. By the time I finished I was tired. Ride total. 110 miles, 3300 feet of climbs, and 2800 Kcal. Not even an average PAC ( day.

For the week 183 miles, 13 hours of workouts, 4950 KCal and a TSS of 689.

As I said June was a big month. In fact in all distance and time respects it is the highest volume month since September 2008 when I rode transcontinental. Total hours 49.0, 650 miles, 18,800 KCal, and TSS of 2600. And I also said it might have been too big a month. I got up Sunday and didn't feel well. I certainly didn't feel like riding. To put that in perspective, in 2008 I rode the MS Ride doing a century on Saturday going up Rist Canyon and another century on Sunday.

So whether it was the wine Saturday night, too much coffee Sunday morning, or too much riding in June trying to catch up, I didn't ride Sunday and basically felt like crud all day.

Now I change emphasis. For the next two months I focus on climbing and building power ending up in late August with a double metric century with 7,000 feet of climbs. In July I have lots of family events which will take eliminate about eight days of riding which works out well since I will punch up the intensity and will need more time to recover.

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