Monday, July 19, 2010

Climbing Begins

Large volume and lots of climbing this week. The first few days of the week I climbed 55 miles always at about lactic threshold. Exhausting. Toward the end of the week my legs were tired so I rode my new bike on some climbs and for miles.

The new bike is great. I haven't quite adjusted to the new saddle but otherwise there isn't much of a transition. And it does pop when asked. A few riders actually commented on the bike and paint job.

The totals for the week are going to be less precise from here on. My new bike does not have a powertap so I don't get a direct reading of watts. So I am using similar rides on my old bike to estimate the power. It should be close enough.

Totals for the week: Total workout 14:20, cycling miles 204, TSS 670, KCal 5835.

I am out most of this week per plan so my legs will get a good midsummer rest. I will test the theory that a break in midsummer is good for you.

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