Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Data and a New Bike!

Power Data 5, 20 and 60 Minutes

Last week I posted some numbers showing the fitness hole I had dug for myself and just the beginning of the long road out. This week I did some more research, corrected some data errors, and added data going back to April 08. The summer of 08 is especially important because that was the summer I prepared for the PAC Southern Transcontinental. I am using that as my baseline. If I can't be that fit then I probably am not fit enough for another PAC tour.
BTW, I tried to make this chart bigger but then the numbers get cut off. Probably a good thing for my ego but makes the chart less useful.

Anyone that has an interpretation of the data is welcome to post it as a comment. I don't know what to do with it other than try and exceed the 08 numbers.

Retirement Gift from FedEx

My new bike arrived this week. FedEx, as a retirement present, gave me a custom painted Madone 6.5 (Trek Project One). Originally it was planned to be in purple, silver and orange but the purple turned out to be more violet and the whole paint scheme ended up getting changed. The bike is beautiful. Ready to ride it weighs 16.6 pounds. It really snaps forward when I push. Sweet. Thank you FedEx.

Fitting the bike was no easy task and it isn't over yet. I ordered the bike through University Bikes in Boulder which I happen to think is the best bike shop in Boulder which makes it very, very good. Jeff there spent more than two hours fitting the bike using some pretty snazzy software. The problem is my hips and right leg/foot just don't have smooth mechanics and it takes a lot of shims and cleat positioning to try and make my body work right. Still don't have it.

To help I have moved the cleats back another 0.5 inches beyond where the shoes normally let you go. I followed Lon Haldeman of PAC Tours instructions (he has done hundreds for RAAM riders and people on his tours) on drilling new holes and attaching the cleats. Of course I did it in an old pair of shoes. When I go back to University Bikes for more fitting we will check to see if that makes a difference.

And of course I rode last week although it was a shortened week because of the July 4th family events. I did ride an 80 training ride with a group getting ready for the Span the Rockies 200K ride in August. More on that next week.

Totals for the week: 13 hours of workouts, 170 miles cycling, TSS 697 and 4800 KCal.

This week and until 7-21 (when I have the second 5-day no-bike break in July) is all about climbing--up and up LHC.

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