Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wrapping Up June

The chart clearly shows the fitness hole I have been digging for myself. I have great excuses. Work became very intense in October when I decided to retire and I needed to finish several very complicated projects. Winter was terrible for riding forcing me on to a trainer in November until March.--I got really tired of that. And then there was the lack of any big rides planned for this year. All mistakes I will not make again. BTW, my weight is pretty much the inverse of this chart.

June was a big month. Total miles at 715, total workout hours of 54:20, TSS of 2886 and 20,700 KCal. The second quarter totals were 1,512 miles, 115 hours and 43,600 Kcal. This is slightly less than I had hoped planning on 118 hours and 1750 miles. April was too weak.

It is the 6th of July and I have just finished the first of two five-day family breaks from training in July so July really hasn't even began. Third quarter plan is to concentrate on climbing, strength and endurance with several long climbs (two to three hours). Totals planned for the quarter are 195 hours and 2925 miles. I am not sure that is reasonable since I want to do a lot more high intensity work.

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