Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Summary--Struggle and Adjust

The above PMC represents a my current effort to set a FTP. After the 200K on the 12th, I rested up and did a performance week with the intentions of increasing intensity. It is pretty easy to see that as soon as I really increased the intensity of the rides my TSB fell negative.

Researching the blogs it appears that I shouldn't let my TSB go below -10 more than once a week and I keep dropping below that. Of course I am mixing two systems using the Carmichael system for setting my training plans and Coggan and FTP to calculate TSB. I set the my FTP on a trainer and a 30-minute ride then took 95% of that average power. But then I looked at my actual 1-hour best average powers and there was quite a difference. And using the FTP from the test I was far more tired than the chart indicated. But if I took the average of my last 5 best 1-hour rides the TSB is far too negative. So I have played around with the FTP to get my TSB to more closely represent how I feel. I have a week before I take a mini-vacation so I'll see how the TSB matches how my body really feels.

Summary for August 489 miles, TSS=1952 KCal=14846

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