Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Summary

Maybe I am over training or maybe I am being lazy. Whichever, my power and endurance aren't building like I had hoped. More on that in a bit.

My plan for July was always to take a midsummer break from training. I took a few days off around the 4th and just returned from Comic-Con on the 25th and a full week off the bike. I prompty started riding again on Tuesday and rode 204 miles the last five days of July.

July totals 45 hours of training, 622 miles cycling, 2239 TSS and 17400 KCal.

That doesn't feel like a rest break. Adding to my concern my peak 20 and 60 minute power was at the first of the month. This week when I tried to push power I was quite short of those peaks.

At the same time last Sunday I rode 85 miles as hard as I could hitting the 50 mile mark in 2:54 elapsed and 75 miles in 4:38 elapsed. But I was tiring quickly at 70 miles and finished the ride averaging 17.4 mph. All these are very good times and speed for me but I was also wasted for two days.

So am I getting stronger or just getting more tired? I am learning how to use the Performance Management Charts in my WKO+ software and next week I will post the chart and my conclusions. Regardless, on the 15th I have my last organized ride of the year and after that I need to decide on a training program to get my power and endurance up to at least where it was in 2008.

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