Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Performance Management Chart and Rest


I have not been making the progress I wanted this summer and with the last big ride of the year coming Sunday, 8-15, I have been concerned about my fitness. I knew from discussions with Dave Twynam and some other readings that my WKO+ software had functions to help but I had never used them. The function is the Performance Management Chart (PMC).

I had to do several days of clean up with my data going back to January 2007 to get the data right. The chart above is the PMC chart from 1-1-09 through 8-10-10. The pink line is the ATL or the short term stress from training. The blue line is the CTL or long term effects of training. And the yellow bar is the TSB or training stress balance which is the combination of training stress and rest.

The important thing to see on this chart is that for most of the time since 1-1-09 (and in fact from 1-1-07) the TSB was very near or above zero (dark line). But starting in May 2010 when I was no longer working I was able to do a lot more riding and really stresed myself without getting enough rest.

Also note the red and black dotted lines. These are the top 10 60-minute and 20-minute power rides. Notice that there are none past late 2009.

So what am I doing? First, I m trying to bring the TSB back above zero by getting more rest and tapering for the Sunday ride.

This chart is a blowup of the other chart from the arrow to 8-10. Notice that I am bringing the short term stress down and the TSB up. Only at the very end of the chart is the TSB around zero. I will work on tapering this week, see what it does to the chart, and write up how it worked out on the ride.

The ride Sunday 8-15 is a 200k, 10k climb (Span the Rockies) from Boulder to Estes Park and back. I won't decide whether I am going to ride the entire 200k until I have finished the first 5k climb and see how the traffic is. I don't like the climb out of Estes Park. It is 1500 feet of steep climb with no shoulder at all and heavy RV traffic both ways. Not my idea of fun.

Second thing I am doing is laying out a more careful training plan. I'll start sharing that next week. The big thing is that PAC Tours (http://www.pactour.com/) has posted their 2011 expected rides the the Ridge of the Rockies (my Canada-to-Mexico border-to-border) is there. I am really excited about another big, big ride but know I have a lot of conditioning to do the get ready.

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