Sunday, August 22, 2010

Test Week

As planned, I took this week to rest and do performance testing. The testing went quite well and while I have a long way to go to get to my objectives for next summer, I have recovered the power lost during the "fitness hole" I dug for myself.

I first did the Carmichael field test (FT) which is two eight minute full out efforts separated by a ten minute rest. Take the highest average power for eight minutes and that is base for other calculations. My FT was 255 W which is as high as I have ever done. My other FTs were at sea level so a little conversion is necessary but 255 is within the 5-7% decline expected. Using the Carmichael nomenclature my key training zones are: Power Intervals (PI) 255-up, Steady States (SS) 220-230, and Tempos (TP) 207-217.

I also did a functional threshold power test for reference. FTP of 217.

BTW, my HR on both averaged 170 bpm and maxed out at 184 so clearly I was going as hard as I could.

By way of comparison between the two systems using Coggan calculations anaerobic capacity 263-up which I take to be equivalent to SS at 255-up. lactate threshold 197-229 which I equate with SS at 220-230, and tempo 165-196 which I equate to TP at 207-217. Obviously the two systems don't quite agree. Since I am much more schooled in the Carmichael approach that is what I will continue.

Next week I will start SS intervals. I will start Tuesday with 3 eight minute intervals with 4 minutes rest (1x3x8x4) to gage my ability to do more. I am definitely going to ride less with the plan for the next 7 weeks to do 3 SS sessions and one long a week for two weeks, have a rest week, then do the SS/Long ride plan for three more weeks before doing another FT.

For this week 6 hours of riding, 98 miles, TSS=344 and 2880 Kcal.

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