Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Week of Tappering

Before I forget again, I want to recognize Matt Lumm of Memphis and David Twynam of Colorado Springs. They both did the race up Mt. Evans. David has done the race several years in a row and always amazes me on his climbing and racing abilities. But Matt has my admiration. Coming from Memphis and climbing Mt. Evans is indeed a triumph. Read his blog at

Last week I showed some performance management charts from WKO+ which showed that I was fatigued. The question I had was could I tapper enough in a week to get fresh for a long ride with lots of climbing this Sunday and not lose much conditioning.

The above chart shows that I was able to bring my TSB (training stress balance)--the yellow--up above zero with only a small decline in fitness (the blue line). But the proof was the ride. I rode 85 miles climbing 5500 ft to above 9000 feet and felt quite good all day. Now I don't know how much above zero I need to get the TSB to give top performance but clearly the charts do work.

Training for the week: 11:20 hours training, 150 miles cycling, TSS=540 and 4682 KCal.

Next week is test week. I will do a field test and a 30 minute test to establish my training zones going forward. My plan is to shift to a high intensity program of steady states or climbing repeats and get plenty of rest. Overall the plan for the fall is focus on strength, core, flexibility, and balance.

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