Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family, Friends, Fire, Florida and Fire Again

We ended up with three families staying with us Labor Day night that had been evacuated. One family went to another friends empty house Tuesday and two families stayed with us until Friday. I left for Orlando Tuesday to join my daughter Ginger and her husband Chris doing Walt Disney World for a day and a day at Universal Studios enjoying the new Harry Potter park. It was really hot.

I had hoped to ride Friday when I got back but when I got home I was tired (having gotten up at 4:30 am Colorado time) and my wife needed a lot of help with the house. I did ride Saturday and ran on Sunday with some good weight work but the week of overeating and travel is a big set back for a plan that isn't going all that well to begin with.

And another fire has broken out on my northern route at Carter Lake. Fortunately it isn't as populated and I don't know anyone that lives up there. But my favorite routes have taken a real hit.

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