Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Refining the Training Plan

I have been doing a lot of research into how to train at 62 for 2000 miles of climbs in 20 days. There aren’t a lot of old-man specific training guides out there but what is available is consistent. The training is centered on high intensity intervals to maintain VO2 Max.

The problem with just high intensity intervals and a 2000 mile ride objective is the need to have a high level of endurance. Endurance is a challenge to rebuild if lost as I am fighting through right now. The fitness hole I am in is proving to be exceptional difficult to escape.

What else is needed besides high intensity and endurance training? Of course core strength is needed and I have always been very inflexible so flexibility work is needed every day. And of course I need to be as light as possible and right now I am far from light.

So I pretty much need to do everything: high intensity intervals, long, hard endurance rides, strength and flexibility training, and starvation-like dieting. It all has to be balanced otherwise I fatigue too much and get nowhere.

I have done four things to my training plan starting last week. First I decided on a reverse periodization plan. The term can be debated but basically it means I am doing high intensity intervals starting the training program working toward longer distances later. I am building my base first with intervals with a secondary emphasis on long rides.

Standard Approach

Inverse Training Program

Second, I have divided the week into 14 training periods and am laying out what I want to do, including rest, by the half day. I have been doing gym work a few times a week for a while but not with the focused training I am laying out now. This also lets me test how close I can do interval and endurance work. For example, how much time is needed between interval workouts and what can be done between them (e.g. running?).

Third, everything is about climbing. Intervals are done climbing. Trainer work is done with the front wheel high (going to add a second block soon). Endurance rides include long (hour or longer) climbs.

Finding the balance is the challenge. I dropped my TSB 18 points with just one ride last week.

Weekly summary: Total workouts 10:30 hrs, 145 miles, 4300 Kcal, and 639 TSS.

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Prentiss said...

I am curious to see how this works for you. I am 53 and trying to get back into shape. I've been back on the bike for 2 years now. The season is coming to an end and I'm starting to look at next year.

The biggest thing I need to work on is climbing, but I'm not sure how to train for this other than climb. The 2nd is more distance as I'm thinking about randonneuring.

I want to be more competitive in the races. I really think I'm still working on my base even after 2 years. I think I'll see results next year, especially if I do some specific training to address my weaknesses.

Keep blogging. I read your blog every week.