Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Summary

It isn’t quite the end of September calendar-wise but workout-wise it is very close. I wanted to get this posted since I might not have another opportunity until Sunday, October 3rd to update things.

Training is starting to turn around. I am doing 6, 5-min, level-5 (Coggin’s scale, VO2 Max) intervals with 3 minutes between them, I am comfortably in zone 5 with room to move up. My objective was to get to 30 minutes in zone 5 each workout and do two workouts per week. Other days of the week are either recovery rides or a 2-3 hour endurance ride at the upper end of zone 2, endurance.

The last few days I have been trying to drive my TSB below -20 which I accomplished today (9-28). I will do a recovery ride Wednesday and then see what I can do Thursday and Friday. Next week is test week (e.g. CP30 to determine FTP and a Carmichael Field Test). I don’t expect much change over the August results. I just want to validate the training zones.

In October I plan to continue to step up the intensity. Now that I have the zone 5 to the volume I want it, I will increase the length of the intervals going from 6x5x3—six, five-minutes intervals with 3 minutes between intervals—to 5x6x3 to 4x8x4 to 3x10x5 to 3x12x5 to 2x15x5 to 1x30. I will also add one day a week of power intervals (PI) to try to increase my power working toward 7x3x3. When I first stated with Carmichael the coach (Mike Durner) used PI's to increase my power 40% (granted from a low base) in eighteen months. I won't get this all done even through November.

With all the things that have happened in September I am happy just to get these numbers.

Totals for September through the 28th: 35 hours of workouts, 450 miles of cycling, TSS=1948 and 13,240 Kcal.


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