Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Corrections and 3Q Summary

First let me correct an error I made in my last update. The intervals I am doing are at level 4, threshold, and not at VO2 Max, level 5. I start the level 5 stuff after I complete the Field Test and FTP test next week.

The mistake occurred because I really train using Carmichael's system which has different naming conventions and power ranges than Coggin. The Carmichael Training System is based on an 8-minute max effort and of course the FTP is based on a 1-hour max effort. Anyway, I was reading Joe Friel's blog and he was writing about VO2 Max and old(er) cyclists saying that is was very difficult to hold that pace for 6-8 minutes. Since I was about to increase my interval length to 10 minutes I knew I had a mistake.

3Q Summary

I really can't say if I made much progress in the third quarter until I do the performance tests next week. If I compare where I am now using CTL as the measure I have actually come down a little over the quarter. That isn't a concern since I had tripled (yes, 3 times) my CTL in May and June. There needed to be a period of consolidation. If I compare where I am now with my 2007 CTL I am about 20% lower right now. Again, I don't know if I should be concerned. Remember, I am using 2007/2008 as my benchmarks because that is the training program I used to get ready for the Southern Transcontinental which I believe is not good enough for the Ridge of the Rockies ride.

Back to why I don't know whether to be concerned. I am not totally confident in my 2007 numbers per se and then the 2007/2008 numbers are based on a lot of sea level work. Second, in 2007 my CTL peaked in October and fell 22% in the fourth quarter.

Just have to keep my head down and execute the plan.

3Q numbers: 1580 miles, 120 hours and 46,000 KCal. For the year 4140 miles, 329 hours and 120,620 Kcal.

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