Monday, September 6, 2010

A Surprise Change of Plans

My granddaughter, Sawyer Madison Taschler, was born early Friday morning a month early and as you would expect that altered everything. I had planned on doing a recover ride on Friday and then climbing Berthoud Pass Saturday after seeing my old friend Mike Hmel. Mike was in Fraser for a wedding. I had also planned on going to Estes Park and doing some hiking with an even older friend Steve Day with whom I went to high school. Obviously all plans changed. Everyone is doing great and baby and Mom went home Sunday.

Monday, Labor Day, I rode up Lefthand Canyon early as far as Lee Hill. It was very windy. When I got back to Boulder I could see a big wildfire had broken out somewhere up near Gold Hill. As I hurriedly write this we are preparing to house friends who have been evacuated. The winds were gusting above 60mph and there is no water up there. A real mess. I hope my friends homes are spared.

So with a house full of evacuees, a planned trip to Orlando Tuesday thru Friday, and with a new baby my riding plan is shot. BTW, my rides have sucked.

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