Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaking a Plateau

I seem to have broken through a plateau the last ten days. All my rides are stronger and the threshold work comes at about a 7 of 10 instead of an 8. I have also made some progress, albeit small, in moving my CTL up after several weeks of no improvement. Overall I am encouraged by the progress.

I don't know why I am surprised. This was how it was when I was training with Mike Durner at Carmichael. I would get discouraged because I wasn't making progress and then one day I would make a jump.

My plan over the next, now, 3 weeks is to concentrate on threshold work with at least one 2.5 hour or greater ride to keep endurance moderately up.

I had breakfast this morning with Fred Flanders. Fred just retired from the MS Society where he was instrumental in organizing the cycling teams. He is riding again and he and I will ride together soon.

Also was forwarded information on a group of senior riders here in Boulder. Looks like they do pretty nice rides Wednesday and Friday. I am going to ride with them as often as I can. I am making changes to my training plan to accommodate those rides.

I will post my training plan next week. I need to get it more understandable (e.g. explain what some of the different exercises are) and add the senior rides to the plan.

Weekly summary: 12 hours exercise, 144 miles cycling, 4432 KCal and TSS of 526.

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