Monday, October 25, 2010

Training Plan--Suggestions Welcome

I want to explain my training plan covering the next several weeks and my overall plan. If you have suggestions or comments I would appreciate them. I am not using a coach to get ready for the PAC Tour Ridge of the Rockies ride next summer so I can use all the help I can get.

The first three week block is posted at:

Sorry if this is hard to read on Google Apps. Download it if you want.

My basic approach is to first work on building strength and power while maintaining endurance then focus on increasing climbing endurance. The first two blocks will focus on threshold work using steady state intervals. The first block of three weeks increased the time at SS from 3x5x3 to 3x8x5 twice a week and the second block of four weeks will increase it to 3x10x5 and then 3x12x6.

Also in the first two blocks I am doing two to three strength sessions. I do one light rep of 10 on each exercise and then 3 reps of 5 with as much weight as I can handle. As I strengthen I go to 3 reps of 7 and then I increase the weight. In January, when I start focusing on endurance, I will decrease the weight and go to 3 reps of 15. Although I admit I am still looking into how to add weights to an endurance cycling training plan.

Everyday I work on core at least once or twice. Flexibility is an issue for me so almost every day I do a routine of stretches. I am also building two sets of core strengthening exercises.

I am also running two to three times a week to build aerobic endurance.

So far block 1 pushes my total exercise time to twelve hours a week. I am challenged to keep from getting too fatigued. This week the last SS on Saturday left my legs in pain so I didn’t do a planned long ride on Sunday running instead.

My third block will start working on increasing power using Power Intervals (PI). I would have started block 1 with PIs but I wanted to make sure I had enough endurance at threshold to sustain the PI training.

My training goals for this strength building phase are: PI 3x7x3, SS 2x15x5 and TP 2x30x5. Rough.

Next field test is the week of 12-27.

While the weather holds in Colorado I will do as much as I can outdoors although the PI will always be on a trainer. There will be at least two EM rides per week although some of these will be TP on a trainer. Last year I was forced to use the trainer by the first of December and stayed on it until March. By late December and through February the weather will drive me inside a lot. Also downhill skiing will become a priority as I try to keep fresh for cycling while maintaining the strength gains.

Starting the first of January I will begin doing SS and climbing repeats (work between SS and PI) exercises on a trainer using two trainer blocks. I expect to have about eight weeks of bad weather and roads and will use this time to build more endurance at threshold. Once the weather breaks it will be long climbs at TP pace.

Weekly summary: TT=12 hours, 101 miles, TSS=377 and 3235 Kcal.

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