Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting More Rest

I took Monday and Tuesday off intending to ski on Tuesday. But the weather Tuesday was awful in the mountains with wind gusts above 200mph and I-70 closed with blowing snow so skiing was impossible.

The result Wednesday was one of the best days of interval training I have ever had. I did three threshold intervals of ten minutes at the planned power while maintaining the proper heart rate. My lactic threshold HR is 158 and my HR for these intervals averaged 160. Before I took a break I was struggling to get within 10 watts of intended power and my HR was at about 165.

I also did one set of four one-minute power intervals (AC level in Coggan Power Levels) in the same workout.

Today is Thursday and I am taking today off. My TSB on Wednesday was a +11 and today it is a +3. Those are the first positive readings I have had for a while. I am going to try and repeat the drill tomorrow when my TSB will be back at 9. I need to figure out how much rest I need here in the early base phase so I can get more out of the high intensity drills.

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