Monday, November 15, 2010

I Need More Rest

I am going to have to restructure my training plan to get more rest. I have had a negative TSB for more than two weeks as I executed my second block and by Sunday I was very tired and could not get the second threshold set in for the week. So I went to bed early and slept nine hours.

Given all that I am packing in these days I think I need to go to something like a seventeen day hard schedule and then three or four very easy days—a lot being weather driven. I can’t afford to miss nice days now that winter has arrived in Colorado. So, for instance, I am not riding hard Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this week which matches cold and/or windy days but I will be pushing it Thursday through Sunday when the weather is supposed to be warm (50ish).

I will publish more of a “what-I-did” plan than what I plan on doing in a few days as I start the power intervals and see what they do to me.

Totals for the week: Total exercise 11:30 hrs, miles cycling 96, TSS 359, Kcal 3100.


david_hatton said...

Loved reading your blog, I'm a regular follower. Beautifully written. I've been doing cycling across the UK, and going to the 3 peaks challenge.

Think you might find my posts and articles interesting, feel free to read them.

Larry said...

A very different kind of blog than mine. This one started as a way of comparing my ultra-distance cycling training with the marathon training of my friends. It has stayed focused on training for cycling.

Where do you discuss your cycling?