Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Summary--Settling into a Training Pace

I am well into my block 3 plan and it is going pretty well. Probably the core exercise plan is a little too aggressive as I am not making all the planned sessions. But the cycling components are progressing per plan. I need to get 60 minutes of threshold work, a session of fast pedaling, and a long ride of around 2.5 hours in each week and at least a few strength sessions each week during this block.

Balancing rest is also getting better. I haven’t been skiing yet so I don’t know how that will affect cycling. I have tried to go three times in November and each time the weather in the mountains was bad. Maybe Thursday.

Totals for November: Total workout 42 hrs, miles cycling 445, TSS=1585 and Kcal=14800.

It is hard to compare my workouts now with what I was doing in 2007/2008. I was in Memphis a lot working at sea level and I wasn’t recording anything but cycling (although I wasn’t doing much at the gym). But still there is some value in comparing.

Totals for Nov 07: Total workout 28:30, miles cycling 471, TSS= 1904 and Kcal=14328.

Based on these numbers I continue to think I am behind where I was in 2007. It is going to be hard to catch up and exceed that level of fitness but there is time. The first quarter of 2008 I was not pressing hard because I had an extra quarter to get ready (September transcontinental versus July border-to-border) so I didn’t hit numbers like these again until March 08.

And March is the month I decide if I am going to be ready.

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