Monday, November 1, 2010

October Summary--November Plan

October had a lot more volume than I expected and maybe more than I should have had. Total training hours 45, 514 miles cycling, 1844 TSS and 15,900 KCal. To put these numbers in perspective, I have had only one month with a higher TSS since the summer of 2009 and only a few more months with more KCal--and those months had lots more miles. My CTL is just where is was in 2009 but it is climbing now and was falling then. And my training rides feel good. The SS are hard but not impossible and right around my VO2 Max HR of 158.

I have posted my November training plan at

and it should be accessible. I think I accidentally left the last training plan "unshared". Sorry if anyone actually tried to access it.

November is planned to be a hard, hard month. I want to get as much threshold work in as I can while the weather in Boulder typically stays dry. I don't know if I can pull this off. I had to insert a rest week in October after two weeks of crunch.

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