Friday, December 31, 2010

Reviewing 2010 and High Level Plan 2011

2010 really was a year with three parts. The first four months I was preoccupied with finishing my work at FedEx and didn’t get enough riding. The next four months—through the summer—I did a lot of riding but also took several vacations so while I did build strength and endurance it wasn’t as much as I had planned. Then the last four months I have concentrated on strength and maintaining endurance and while I have struggled to get enough rest at times, I have made the progress I planned.

The last six months of 2010 set the baseline for what I expect to do in the first three months of 2011.

Summary of 2010: Total miles 5458, Total hours training (all forms) 464, Total TSS 20,865 and Total Kcal 167,292. In the last six months: miles=2936, hours=254, TSS=10,780 and Kcal=92642.

There are twenty-six weeks of training left (not counting tapering) before the Ridge of the Rockies ride. I expect those twenty-six weeks to divide into two equal phases primarily driven by the Colorado weather. The next thirteen weeks will probably see a lot of winter and snow forcing me to do a lot of trainer work and slip off frequently for skiing. So for the next thirteen weeks I expect do to three 90 minute trainer rides plus one 2.5 hour endurance ride outside or something shorter but with long tempos if forced indoors. Add skiing, lifting, stretching, and core work and the total hours exercising is fourteen hours a week.

By April I need to be outside climbing but April is notorious for late spring snows. So is May for that matter. I need some decent weather because I need to get in a lot of outside climbing. I have a fairly detailed plan including climbing in June all the passes in Colorado on the Ridge of the Rockies ride. But snow can really destroy that plan. All in all I expect to be on my bike twenty hours a week by June doing nothing but climbing doing several 100 miles/10,000 feet of climbing days per week.


Mr. giver of custom awards and trophies said...

Kudos for you for keeping an eye on your goal this 2010. Keep it up!
Hope you'll have a wonderful 2011.

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