Sunday, December 19, 2010

Strong Week

Colorado weather is perfect right now for me. Granted it is very dry in Boulder and I expect the farmers will be hurt if there isn't some snow on the plains soon. But as far as skiing and cycling goes, it is a perfect combination.

I skied twice this week at Copper. The snow is great; some of the best ever seen in December. I have now skied four times in bright sun and warm, for skiing, temps.

I also cycled three times all hard workouts. My confidence that I will be in condition to do the planned ride increased a lot with these successful workouts. Two of the rides were longish rides of about three hours. One ride was mostly climbing and one ride was a fast 50 miles. The third was a trainer doing long steady state intervals. I felt strong on all--getting my saddle at the right height makes a huge difference.

Totals for the week: 14:40 hrs workouts, 115 miles cycling, 456 TSS and 5030 KCal.

The next ten days will be challenging to get enough exercise time. Family comes in for the holidays, lots of food to prepare, movies to see, games to play with most of the day taken. So it will be up early for tour de garage (TdG) even if the weather is 50. Oh well, come January I will have about 6 months to go and I will spend January and February concentrating on strength and threshold power.

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