Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally Catching Up

My confidence continues to grow that I will be in condition for the Ridge of the Rockies ride. This week I am able to compare with confidence my power and fitness with where I was in January 2008. The data I have from 2008 is much more reliable than the 2007 data. Power, fitness (CTL), and endurance all are about the same now as in 2008.

Of course I gained a lot of fitness and endurance over the next six months through hard training but at least I am no longer behind.

I had a very strong week. Next week I begin six weeks of high intensity training using Carmichael Training Systems Climbing Strength and Climbing Power DVDs for my trainer sessions. It is snowing and very cold and that is likely to continue for weeks.

Weekly Totals: 11:30 hrs total workout, 134 miles cycling, TSS=450 and Kcal=4420

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