Monday, January 31, 2011

January Summary--February Overview

January was a strong month even if the pipes in my basement broke costing me several days of riding. There were several warm days and a couple of 60ish days when I was able to get in some three hour and three and a half hour rides.

But February is seldom so good as to provide 60 degree days and it is starting out way below zero with snow and ice. I expect most of February to be on a trainer and in the gym doing weights. It was always the plan to focus on threshold and power workouts on a trainer in February and into March until the weather is good enough to start building climbing endurance.

Overall I am pleased with where I am. My strength has returned and my endurance is where it was in 2008 at this time. The next 22 weeks are planned although not day by day.

January Summary: Total hours exercising: 45:30, Distance 503 miles, TSS 1700 KCal 18069.

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