Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Week Gone to Hell

This week started promising and finished badly. Badly in the sense that my good training intentions fell extra short.

Tuesday was a good day with a set of SS intervals at the best power I have had this year. Wednesday was a recovery ride day. Thursday I set out to do another set of SS intervals and just didn't have the power. OK, I told myself, the recovery ride was too hard. No doubt about that. Friday I'll try again.

Did I mention that I am sitting my 4-month old granddaughter. That is a lot more work than it would seem. Friday I am solo with her and there never turns out to be time.

Saturday I plan on going skiing with Sven, a friend and great skier. We know the traffic will be awful and the crowd will eventually chase us away. We ski three hours and retreat back to Boulder. But a trip to the gym is trumped by a trip to the grocery store and a return at REI. All OK because it will be 50 Sunday and there is nothing planned. A three hour EM is the plan.

Then I go to get a water bottle out of my TV room fridge and I step onto a wet carpet. I quickly determine that there is a leak in the wall. Did a pipe freeze and break? I doubt it. We have house rules on how to handle cold weather. Nevertheless I have to get a plumber in. He tears out a wall of drywall in my professionally finished basement with the in-wall 50 in. plasma and in-wall speakers and finds a drain pipe broken. A drain pipe? It doesn't hold water. It isn't under pressure. It goes straight down from the kitchen sink and out of the house. Nevertheless, it is broken and since it is waste water everything wet has to go. So in come the reclamation guys to tear out wall, carpet, padding, etc and put in dehumidifiers and fans.

So instead of getting a three hour long ride, my wife and I, stressed by the day and the work to come, go eat ribs and ice cream.

Weekly Totals: Total workouts 6:20 (3:00 skiing), 55 miles cycling, TSS=221 and Kcal=2300.

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