Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Summary and Comparing Progress with 2008

This week I began the first phase of build. The weather was good for February so I was able to get on the road several days. In fact I rode six days this week and on one day I did a garage high intensity ride and then another ride outside.

I am starting to climb, lengthen my average ride, and add in longer tempos. If forced inside, then I am doing as much threshold work as I can.

I keep looking at my '08 data and comparing it with where I am. Making comparisons is hard since I was at sea level 3-4 workouts a week in '08 but those workouts hardly ever went longer than an hour. So I assume the '08 power numbers up to 60 minutes are about 5% higher than they would have been in Boulder.

With that assumption my mean maximal power in '11 is greater than '08 up to 20 minutes then '11 power falls behind by about 15% for 60 and 120 minutes.

Even the CTL through 2-28 is close but favors '08 58.3 vs. 55. But the CTL climbed a great deal in March '08 to 71.3. Clearly Mike Durner, my Carmichael Training Systems coach at the time, was pushing me hard. The TSB shows the two symmetrical periods with the TSB hitting -35 twice!

My power increased from Feb '08 to Aug '08 at 60 and 120 minutes by another 10% over February which means I need to increase my 60 and 120 minute power by 25% to be where I was in September 1,'08. And I have to do it by July 1, 60 days faster.
Actually I think it is quite possible although it will require hard work. I have three more years of serious riding in my legs so I believe my base is far better and I have more time to train. If the weather gives me a break March should see that power-gap decrease.

Weekly Summary: Total training 11 hours (10:40 cycling), 162 miles riding, TSS=551 and 5035 Kcal.

February Summary: Total Training 38:40 (including skiing), 432 miles cycling, TSS=1439 and 14200 Kcal. Not an especially productive month.

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