Monday, February 14, 2011

Halfway Through February

The significance of being halfway through February is that March is only two weeks away. And March is when I hope to begin a lot more outdoor rides (meaning getting off the #*!@^ trainer). I had also wanted to be able to commit based on conditioning and weight to doing the Ridge of the Rockies with PAC in July but it is too soon. I need to see how all the intervals translate into climbing.

Of course March is the snowiest month east of the continental divide so I expect to lose some days. And intervals are an integrated part of my climbing and long rides. I will be equipping my fat-tired touring bike so that it is ready for training when the roads are a little iffy and as soon as the roads a clear of rock I will start using my new bike FedEx was so wonderful to give me.

Last week I trained 8:15, rode 109 miles (all trainer), did an hour of threshold work, TSS=343 and KCal=3341.

This week will be very light on cycling and heavy on skiing. It is the last heavy ski week planned this year.