Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Week but Miles "Doesn't Matter"

Great week except that there was another fire on Lefthand Canyon closing it for now. The weather was excellent in the 50's and 60's most of the week and except for Friday when the wind was gusting to 60 and pushing the fire in Lefthand Canyon it was excellent cycling weather. I rode on four days, twice one day doing a set of power intervals in the morning and a 25 mile endurance ride in the afternoon, rested two days and skied one.

What I mean by miles doesn't matter (I know the English is incorrect but if I use correct English the weak joke is totally gone) is that at this point, and probably always, miles cycling isn't very important. Time and intensity are important.

Time is easy to measure. Intensity is a lot harder. So I use a variety of charts from TrainingPeaks software and Kcals. The priniciple charts are the Performance Management and the Mean Maximal charts. I have these set up to compare 2008 with current performance. Volume will drive the Performance Management numbers. A two hour endurance ride will produce more TSS than an hour of high intensity intervals. But the Mean Maximal charts will not show improvement in key time maximal power. For what I want to do 5, 20 and 60 min are the key times.

I continue to keep a four day ride schedule with two days off completely and the seventh a reserve day/ski day. Two of those ride days are focused completely on intensity doing power intervals or steady state. One day is a long ride which I am increasing by an hour a week. The fourth day is just straight climbing as I am increasing the amount I climb by 2000' a week.

So it isn't miles. It is time climbing and time doing high intensity intervals.

Weekly totals: Total training time 15:00 hours (11 hours cycling), 177 miles, TSS 637, Kcal 6170 and 6300' climbs.

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