Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Summary

April has been a very good month. I got from my training plan just what I wanted. My average power at all important time points (5, 20 and 60 minute) all went up substantially. I have pretty much matched my 2008 power. My CTl climbed 12 points. I lost six pounds.

April summary: Hours training 51:50, miles 723, TSS 2544, Kcal 22,807.

Now my concern is May. I enter May with nine weeks of training left. My main goal for May is to increase my long ride to ten hours plus, 120 miles and 10,000 feet of climbs. My long ride right now is only 5 hours, 70 miles and 5,000 feet. The plan to get there has even more days doing climbs with Z2 and Z3 work. The main obstacle is weather. We are in a pattern of cold followed by warm but really windy (20+ with gusts higher).

And June is also concerning. I plan on riding in June all the Colorado passes on the Ridge of the Rockies route but the mountains are still getting lots and lots of new snow.

I can't let the weather stop me from training but the weather sure can affect the effectiveness of that training.

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