Monday, April 18, 2011

Eleven Weeks to Go

Lefthand Canyon at mile 15, about 8,500' Peak-to-Peak Highway view of Continental Divide

The week ending 4-17-11 was the 12th week to go (meaning I have 11 training weeks left). It was the first real high volume, high climb week with sixty minute tempos, twenty minute SS intervals, and climbing repeats (CR at upper end of VO2max) intervals. I am happy about the week. The long ride was only 65 miles but included 5,000 feet of climbing. CTL increased 4 points. The 60-minute tempos are getting stronger.

I am not happy with my twenty-minute SS or with the CR intervals. My endurance at threshold is not good enough as the last 1.5 mile climb up LHC proved. Ugh. 10-14 degrees at 9,000 feet hurt.

Weekly summary: Total training time 13:15 hrs (all cycling), 192 miles, TSS=698, Kcal=6096, total climb = 12,000’ (I was aiming for 12k and it just happened to come out exact to the nearest 100’. Just luck).

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Miracoli said...

respect! When are you going to cycle through Europe?