Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Training

I received notice Saturday night that there were only two slots left for the Ridge of the Rockies ride in July. Caught me completely by surprise as I expected Lon and Susan would take at least forty riders and there were only 30 registered riders on the website. Nevertheless, I quickly signed up for the $500 nonrefundable registration fee. I really think I will be in condition for the ride. It is just a matter of how fast I climb and how much pain I want to suffer.

The weather is Colorado-spring crazy. Saturday is was 80 degrees all the way up Lefthand Canyon to Ward. It wasn't even that cold riding down at 40mph. The wind was strong and has been all spring but more on that in a moment. Sunday it is snowing and the low will be about 26. Chased me into the garage for some interval work which I needed.

Breezy around here is under 20mph with windy being above 20. Wind is clearly your enemy on a bike but I have adopted a more accepting strategy. As long as it is not windy or the gusts are not above 20mph I ride. I can go north, west (up the mountain)or east on to the prairie but not easily south. I adjust my route so that I can use the wind as added training resistance. Since miles cycled isn't very important to me it works out for me no matter from what direction the wind is coming. Although strong west gusts can sure push me around when I am heading south going home.

Weekly Summary: Training time: 10:35, miles cycled 139, feet climbed 8,000, TSS 483, KCal 4480.

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