Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twelve Weeks of Training to Go

Thirteen weeks from Monday 4-11 at 3pm the rider meeting happens in Kalispell MT for the Ridge of the Rockies. That gives me twelve more weeks of training and a week to taper. I had heard before I rode the Southern Transcontinental that it was best to arrive rested and that is my plan for this ride. With the first two days covering 278 miles and some brutal days starting on day 9 I can't afford to be either tired or not strong enough.

I am on plan at this point with the hardest work still to come. In the winter I held my long rides to 2:30 when I could get outside. I just wanted to keep my endurance up. Now my standard ride is 3 hours with one hour a TP-paced climb up Lefthand Canyon to about 8500'. My long ride is still just 6 hours but I keep increasing the degree of difficulty. I intend to get my long ride to 10-12 hours, 120+ miles and 10,000' of climb. I plan to be there around June 1.

Weekly Summary: 12:30 hours training (10 hours cycling), 153 miles, TSS=508, KCal=5050 and 7,500' climbing.

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