Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 10--Zone 3 Work

The weather the week before Easter forced me to move inside a lot more and decrease my volume. It worked out well. The previous week had been a very volume week and I wanted to start focusing on long TP (Zone 3) intervals. I was able to do a 60-minute TP climb outside before the weather got wet. Then I followed up with 3 twenty-minute intervals with 5 minutes RIB. The first two were in Zone 3 and the last in Zone 4. The next day I did four fifteen minute TPs with 5 minutes RIB. I took Easter off to preserve the good feelings my wife has for my cycling.

On Monday 4-25 I got another physical evaluation and bike fit at Boulder Sports Medicine. I see the physical therapists but you might know the place because it is ran by Dr. Andy Pruitt who is constantly quoted in cycling literature and who designs the Specialized S-Works shoes. He is way out of my price range.

Anyway, I went because I continue to have abductor issues on my right leg and IT band and hamstring on my left. I still have flexibility issues deep in my gluts especially on my right side. That inflexibility in my right glut, especially internal rotation, causes several bad things to happen including my right knee to kick out under load which has to be pulled back in line by the abductor. I have more mechanical problems than I want to think about. I am back in PT.

Ten weeks of training to go and volume and climbing will continue to grow—pretty much regardless of the weather now. I like where I am and think I will be ready for the ride.

Weekly Summary: 7.5 hours training (6.5 cycling), 114 miles, 411 TSS, 3378 Kcal and climbed 2,500’.

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