Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy Season in Colorado

This is going to be one of the wettest Mays in history in Colorado and this last week certainly helped. And when it isn't raining it is windy. Nevertheless last week was planned as a high volume week and I have to live with the weather.

I am getting really concerned about getting practice climbs on the key Colorado mountain passes before the July ride. But even this week there were two different winter storms along the route dropping more than a foot of snow.

The Bicycle Tour of Colorado starts June 19th and the second day is Trail Ridge Road. They are still trying to plow it open before Memorial Day and it has 20 feet of snow on it!

I opted out of the Buena Vista century this last weekend. The weather was just too cold there to make the two day trip worthwhile. I was able to get better climbing in here.

Week Totals: Total cycling 18:40 hrs, 274 miles, TSS=942 and KCal=8469.

There are now six weeks to go and this will be another heavy week. I plan on doing a 10,000' climb/100 mile ride this week. But I will wait for a nice day.

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