Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Really Long Road to Recovery

On Thursday July 7th I was cleared to start cycling and not just a trainer. David Twynam was in Boulder that afternoon so we went bicycle window shopping. He needs a new road racing bike and I need a replacement for my Madone. We hit three stores including University Bike, which I think is the top shop in town but more on that later. I bought a helmet so I can ride.

Saturday I rode over to the gym on bike paths to make sure I was steady. It went well.

Sunday I wanted to push the intensity up and do a CP-30 to reset my training Functional Threshold Power. Disaster! I set my early pace at down 25% from my previous mark. That was way too high and I had to abandon the test.

Monday I took my broken Madone to the Trek shop. As I researched warranties I discovered that Trek has a loyalty program where they will replace crashed bikes at a discount. The store manager says the discount is at cost. So I am definitely replacing the bike with a new Trek. Stay tuned.

Tuesday I am having a substantial relapse. If I move my head fast or forward I get very dizzy. Just when I had hoped I was well my head is clearly signaling it isn't.

As for University Bikes, I still think it is the best and most complete shop in Boulder but it no longer handles Trek bikes. That is a big problem for me since all my bikes are Treks and the Trek store is working with me to replace the broken one. I guess it is because Trek has opened its own store in town. Too bad. I didn't like parking there anyway.

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