Sunday, August 7, 2011

Parallel Efforts

Two things are going on now in parallel--as in non-intersecting.

One is my recovery and rebuilding. This is the third week of increasing activity. I consider this phase a pre-base phase. Just trying to get enough endurance to be able to start doing some serious riding. This week I ran and cycled 111 miles and total training was 9.5 hours. I will continue to work pretty hard through this next week and then take a week off (mostly) for a family vacation.

The second track is settling with the insurance company. My lawyer is preparing a "Demand"--really that is what it is called--to the other insurance company to cover costs, medical bills, etc. That won't be ready for at least a month. Then we will see how the process goes. I hope to be able to document it here.

To remind everyone of the accident I am including my wife's email she sent out shortly after the accident.

"Larry was biking in Lefthand Canyon May 28th and was hit by a truck pulling a trailer. He was hit from behind, and there were many witnesses, so we know what happened. He doesn't remember anything but thinking that the truck was too close while passing him. The next thing he remembers is the EMT asking him how to remove his biking shoes. I got the call from the ER and got there about 12:30. By then, they had done a CT scan and some x-rays. Over the next 8 hours, they did another chest x-ray and an MRI, cleaned his abrasions, and kept checking his left arm for muscle strength. He was released at 9 or so. He had bruises, abrasions, a concussion, and pain plus weakness and numbness in his left arm/hand. No broken bones, amazingly! He developed an infection a couple of days later and had two IV antibiotics plus oral antibiotics. He was pretty miserable until the last couple of days. He's still not able to do much. He still has numbness in his left hand and pain in the left shoulder from his neck injury. They did find a cervical problem with the MRI, and the trauma doctor we saw later said that he has whiplash plus cervical radiculopathy. His still has dizziness/nausea from the concussion. He starts PT this Thursday. We're just very thankful that he's alive. It could have been a lot worse.

All of his gear and his custom FedEx bike were ruined, but we're not upset by that. The main concern that we have is that his cervical injury will impact biking in the future. He had to cancel his bike tour this July, but he's already looking ahead to next summer to see what is available. Robin says that he should just do garage biking on his power wheel from now on. Ginger came from Chicago to help us out which is a great blessing."

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