Monday, September 5, 2011

August Summary--Prebase

August is definitely an improvement over July but it also shows how far I have to go to recover my endurance and power. In August I rode 350 miles and trained 33 hours. July I rode 177 miles and trained 18 1/2 hours. June, of course, was basically nothing. But May was 850 miles heading for 1,000 and training time was 56 hours heading for 65. (Remember, ride on the 28th was just starting when I was hit and I had three more weekend days of heavy riding planned).

More revealing is that in August I had total TSS of 2130 and KCal of 11,400. The TSS is a winter load when most of my rides are short, intense and on a trainer. To get close to 11,000 Kcal I have to go back to the winter of '09/'10 when I was buried in work. In short, my body can't take much load yet.

So I will keep up my pre-base work load of long and slow rides trying to build enough strength so that I can take a harder base building program starting in October.

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