Sunday, September 25, 2011

End of Pre-Base

September is nearing an end and I have accomplished most of what I wanted to do. With three days of major riding left, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9-27/29/30, the only thing left on my pre-base recovery plan is to see if I can struggle through a century.

I had three major goals for this pre-base phase. One was the century. Another was to raise my TSS to the same level on 10-1-11 as it was on 10-1-10. That is accomplished. Today, 9-26-10, it is 62.8. On 10-1-10 it was 53.3. So I will probably be at 63 or 64 on 10-1-11. A good comeback from a low of 31.0 in mid-July after hitting 88 at the time of the accident on 5-28-11.

The second goal was to recover half the power I had lost. I did a CP-30 in July and found that I had lost 47 watts off my FTP! Last week I did another CP-30. I have recovered 25 watts of the 47 which is just half.

Three other important areas are running, strength and weight. I have not done much running this summer which is pretty standard for me. Nevertheless, comparing my speed at ever distance with last September shows that I am perhaps even more behind running than cycling.

Strength-wise, for some reason perhaps a professional coach can tell me, I am actually stronger now than last year. Probably it says more about my lack of strength last year than it says about this year and that I have been in the gym some this year. Normally at the end of the cycling year I am just heading for the gym.

As for weight, I gained ten pounds since the accident but that still puts me below where I was last October. Still, I have got to get that 10 pounds off and more this winter.

All this to say that starting October 1st a new plan is in order. Similar to last year’s plan, volume starts to decline and intensity starts to increase. Running gets more serious and I have to get that ten pounds off—at the very least. Strength has to continue to increase and I have to get my FTP up to 230.

The only thing to report on the accident is that I have my replacement bike. It is more or less identical to the one destroyed.

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