Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Summary

Well I am deep into my Base 2 training plan and am fighting discouragement. My improvements always come in step functions a week or more after I think I should have improved. I am now four weeks into Base 2 and I don't see any improvement in power and I think I should have.

Base 2 is a mixture of long rides, at least one a week of 3 or more hours or a 60 minute tempo ride on a trainer; a set of VO2Max intervals of short duration with an even shorter recovery; and a set of threshold intervals.

Some time during the week of Dec 12th I will do another functional power test and it had better have moved up a few watts. The week of Dec 17th begins Base 3 and for me that means six hard weeks of power building intervals. At least six weeks because I won't build much power in the build phase and it will still be winter.

Summary: Training time 35:30, miles 366, TSS 1585 KCal 14700.

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