Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Summary

October went well.

First, real news on the legal front from the accident. The driver plead guilty. That is a big deal since it takes away one argument from the insurance company (e.g. "the driver wasn't at fault"). I am sure they have other silly arguments and I expect to hear some of them in November.

Second, at the end of October and the end of my Base 1 training plan I did a field test to determine my FTP. I increased it 14 watts which is basically half of what I had lost. I am still 12 watts below where I was last November but I am feeling pretty good about regaining that 12 watts, too. I really didn't push up to 230 FTP until late May so I have all winter to rebuild.

Third, my CTL remains about 10 points above where I was last October. I don't know if I can hold that level or whether I should even care. Add to that my power profile is looking very close to where it was last October which all makes me feel that I am on the right plan.

Fourth, I started a core training program and it really is demonstrating how weak my deep core is. Mostly it is low chair pilates. I will continue to combine this with heavy weight lifting (low reps).

The weather has turned in Colorado just as I expected so I will be doing a lot more trainer work and trying to get a 2.5-3.5 hour ride in once a week when the roads are dry and the wind is tolerable. Trainer work will continue to be 20 minute intervals at level 3 and some 5 minute intervals at level 4.

October Summary: 40 hours training, 500 and change cycling, TSS=2157.

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