Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Summary

Overall 2011 wasn't the best cycling year because of the truck/bike accident. BTW, nothing has happened on the legal/insurance issues since the driver plead guilty. I tried to talk to my lawyer just before Christmas but got the runaround from his assistant. I am concerned that this is going to turn out badly.

At the peak of training I had an FTP of 230 and a CTL of 90 with five weeks to go before the ride along the Rockies. Now I have an FTP of 190 and a CTL of 60. While my FTP is about what it was last year at this time, nothing else is the same. The maximal power chart shows that almost all power levels were higher at this time in 2010 than now.

Next week the Triple Bypass registration opens. I am signing up for the Double Triple Bypass (240 miles, 20,000 feet of climbs on July 14 and 15). But it is a lottery and the odds are long (only taking 1,000 riders--this is Colorado after all). If I am not selected for the Double, at least I hope to get to ride one way or the other. It is still a lottery and only 5,000 riders are selected.

All that means is that I have to keep focused and working hard to regain my climbing strength. The question is how fast will my soon-to-be 64 year old body absorb the training. My intention is to peak for the Double Triple Bypass, recovery, and then peak again for the Eastern Mountain ride in September.

Data for 2011: Total hours training 456. But only 189 hours since August as my endurance was shot. I was aiming for a 550-600 hr year not counting the Rockies ride. For comparison, in 2010 my total training was 463.

Total miles 5537. About a 1,000 miles short of planned training miles. Since August 2216. For comparison 2010 I rode 5460 and in 2009, 4799.

Total TSS 23,769. Since August, 10,054 which shows that I have been working hard. For comparison, total TSS in 2010 was 20,850 and from August thru December 8,500.

My summary. I have to keep pushing, getting rest, eat better and trust that the training will have the desired impact.

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