Monday, December 19, 2011


I just finished my second base phase and it is a good-news/bad-news story.

Every year my FTP declines from a high in the summer and bottom outs in December. This seems reasonable to me. But since I am rebuilding from the truck/bike accident I thought I needed to keep building strength this year.

It didn’t happen.

Even thought I worked pretty hard and added some level 4 and 5 work (TH and VM) and held steady at about 10 hours of training a week for the six weeks of base 2 my FTP fell from October’s test. It fell from 209 (CP-20 * .95) to 193 during base 2.
In doing the FTP test this week my goal was to increase from the 209 (remember I am trying to rebuild to the 230 I had last May). But I absolutely could not do it. I tried on three separate days and the best I could do was 193. Horrible. How could I have an 8% decline in FTP after all that work.

Frankly, I don’t know.

So that is the bad news.

Then I began to take a much closer look at my performance over three years and in especially 2010. 2010 is most important because, besides being just last year, it was the first year I planned a reverse periodization doing high intensity work during the winter and build climbing endurance as soon as I could in the spring. Also, it was a rebuilding year after a tough 2009. Finally, it was cut short just as I was going into the last build phase and I was feeling strong.
I figure if I can keep or exceed my 2010 progress I will be in great shape by the end of the summer for the Eastern Mountain ride.

So what was my FTP in December 2010? It was 192 which I would then build to 230 by May 2011 and then the accident. In December 2009 my FTP was 188 after reaching a high of 240 in September.

So the good news is I am exactly where I was last year at this time and in 2009. I had hoped to reach this position at least a month earlier and I had expected to match last year by improving and not by declining less during base 2. But I am happy to be where I am.

Training Summary Week Ending Dec 18: Training time 11:27, Mileage 143, TSS 599, Kcal 5015.

Next week I will lay out my plan for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

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