Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer Rides

Amazingly it is only early January and my major event schedule for the summer is set.

The first event will be the MS Ride in Orlando in April. This is just a fun ride with a century first day and 75-mile ride second. I will be riding with friends so the pace will be easy. The elevation gained will be very minimal.

The second event is the Buena Vista Bike Fest on May 19th. I will ride one of the many passes in the area on the 18th (e.g. Monarch—11,312 or Cottonwood—12, 126), ride the century on the 19th, and then ride up Fremont Pass (11,318) on Sunday. The century climbs up to 10,600’ twice but overall I don’t think it has more than 7,000’ of total climbs. Great May workout.

The first peak of the season is planned for the Double Triple Bypass July 14-15. This is a two-day, two hundred forty-mile, twenty-thousand-feet climb monster over three passes (Juniper Pass—10,600, Loveland Pass—11,992, and Vail Pass—10,660) one way on Saturday and then back on Sunday.

After the Double Triple Bypass I plan to back off and then aim for a second peak in September. Along the way I will ride the Deer Creek Century on August 19 which has an elevation gain of 12,700’.

Then comes the big ride. The Eastern Mountain ride with PAC Tours is September 9-26 and then I hope to ride a few days more to reach Canada. Total distance about is about 2,000 miles in 20 days with about 130,000’ of climbs.

Changing topics. This last week was unusually warm so I shifted to more long rides. Total training time: 15:04 hours, total miles 130.5, TSS = 619 and Kcal=5516.

Pulled an adductor playing with my granddaughter this week. Babying it hoping it doesn’t affect my training much.

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