Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cold, Snowy February

Cold Lefthand Canyon

January was nice, for January. February has been cold and snowy. That has forced me on the trainer a lot. That hasn't been all bad. I have pushed my FTP up 13 watts and my power is greater than it was last year at this time. And my CTL is 14 points higher. But I need to be climbing and getting some miles. This week I fell short of both mileage and climbing goals riding 120 miles vs. 140 and climbing 6,700' vs. 8,000'. That is one ride short which is what I missed because of weather and a sick granddaughter. I did get a couple of longish rides in Saturday and Sunday but it was cold--in the 30's.

Still I am fine with where I am. Overall this was a high volume training week. Total training hours was 15:45 of which 3 was skiing, 4:30 was core and strength, and 8:15 was cycling. Other statistics for the week are TSS=595 and Kcal of 5970. Both further indicate it was a good training week for February.

This week (week of 2-20) doesn't look promising for weather either. I plan is to ride 160 miles and climb 10k'. That may prove impossible with the storms coming in. The winds are supposed to be high (gusts to 40) all week and it is very hard to get 4,000 feet of climbs in without going up into the mountains. And the mountain roads are icy, cold, and covered with sand.


Monday Easy: Core + Yoga + Lift + RM 1.o

Tuesday Hard: TP>1.5 + TH 3x15x8, 2-4k' (trainer 1.5, outside longer)

Wednesday Rest

Thursday Easy: Core + Yoga + Lift + TP 1.5 hrs

Friday Hard: TP>1.5 + TH 3x15x8, 2-4k' (trainer 1.5, outside longer) or Ski

Saturday Long: 4.0 hr+ 5k' or EM 2.0 + TP 1x60 + TH 3x20x5

Sunday Easy: EM 1.0

I have no choice but to take what the weather gives me and make the best of it.

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