Friday, March 23, 2012


Through 3-22

The weather has been warm, if a little windy, and the riding has been excellent. I started riding up Highway 7 out of Lyons in the St. Vrain Canyon. Normally this isn't a good time of year to ride this canyon. It is shaded a lot and is usually cold with icy patches. Not this year. As you can see, it is dry.

A round trip from my house to the intersection with the Peak-to-Peak highway is sixty miles and 4500 feet of climbs. This is about half of one day of the Triple Bypass (120 miles and 10,000' of climbs) and it is hard. I will have to continue to do this for another week or two while I strengthen.

Last week was a great volume week. Total training hours 14:22, 161 miles cycling, 11,800 feet of climbs, and a TSS of 709. I continue about three weeks ahead of my 2011 pace.

This week is going well, too. I should get short rides in Friday and Sunday and another St Vrain canyon ride Saturday. But the following week looks to be hammered by other obligations. Will have to resort to trainer rides when I can sneak them in.

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