Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Summary

February was a cold, snowy, and really windy month. That forced me inside a lot. Of the sixteen training rides in February, eleven were on the trainer. Fortunately I am not completed burned out on the trainer because January was a surprisingly good weather month.

Still, I am pleased with where I am. In every measurement I am at least two weeks and often four weeks ahead of my 2011 pace. Power is above the 2011 levels. The only thing I can not be sure of is how much climbing I have done versus 2011. I have not done nearly as much climbing as I wanted averaging only about 6k' per week versus a plan of nearly 10k'/week. But I did not record climbs in 2010.

Endurance is off plan but at 2011 pace. If March is good weather--and it is the snowest month in Coloraod--I will remain on plan.

The plan was to arrive at the first of March tired and I executed that plan well. Going skiing for three days. Taking a day off. And then restarting by getting another FTP test.

February Summary: Total training hours= 48:23 (7 skiing, 11 core/strength, and 30 cycling) 408 miles, TSS=2059 and 19281 KCal.

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