Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Summary

The last week of March was not a good training week as expected. A business trip took me out of town on Sunday and Monday, I watched my granddaughter Tuesday and Wednesday, and other family priorities took Thursday. I was off the bike for five straight days and only managed to get a two hour ride in Friday. Saturday was better as I got a five hour ride in although I didn't focus on climbing. To add to the misery of the week, a spoke broke on my new bike and had to ride my old Trek Pilot which seems like a dog after the Trek Madone.

Even with the last week March was a good training month. The mileage in 2011 was greater (604 vs. 558) but the TSS was greater in 2012 (2272 vs. 2049)and I know I was climbing more. That climbing probably is why the TSS is 10% higher.

Still, I am not pleased with where I am. The 80 mile ride today (3-31) was too hard and too slow. I have not moved past my 50% climb (5000' and 60 miles which is half of the Triple Bypass daily ride) and that is too hard and too slow. The Double Triple Bypass (two days of 120 miles and 10,000') is fifteen weeks away so there remains time but I am going to re-look at my training plan. And I know that the first two weeks of May are going to be challenging because of more family events.

March Summary: 55 hours training (including 11 hours skiing), 558 miles, TSS=2272 and KCal=21,471.

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